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The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. The Sandbox metaverse comprises a map made up of 166,464 LANDS. LAND owners can host contests and events, stake SAND to earn and customize assets, monetize assets and experiences, vote in the metaverse governance, play games that you or others create, and more! Trade the collection and keep your eyes peeled for future drops.

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What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an NFT collection. The Sandbox floor price today is 0.6790 ETH, with a 24 hour volume of 18.9376 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 120753 NFTs minted, held by 23233 unique owners, and has a total market cap of 128446.4026 ETH.

Where to buy The Sandbox NFT?

You can buy and sell The Sandbox on LooksRare and OpenSea.

How many The Sandbox NFTs are there?

There is a total of 120753 unique NFTs in the The Sandbox collection.

How many holders are collecting the The Sandbox NFT?

There is a total 23233 unique addresses that are holding the The Sandbox NFT.

The Sandbox Statistics

Floor Price 24H


Floor Price 7D


Average Price 24H

1.06 Ξ

Average Price 7D

1.06 Ξ

Volume 24H

18.94 Ξ

Volume 7D

282.95 Ξ

Sales 24H


Sales 7D


Latest News

Luxury Fashion House Balmain Drops Unicorn Sneakers Bundled With NFT Version

The drop consists of 130 limited edition Unicorn sneakers that come with identical NFT kicks designed by Space Runners.


22/03/2023, 11:01:02 am

news image

Who’s still buying real estate in the metaverse?

That’s the real world. Over in the metaverse, though, real estate is undergoing a different sort of struggle, as it’s tied so closely to the price of Ethereum. Average sales prices for parcels of virtual land have dropped from more than $11,000 to less than $…

21/03/2023, 11:40:05 pm

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‘Fortnite’ developer Epic Games wants to take on ‘Roblox,’ and brands should pay attention

Fortnite fans will soon be able to build their own games-within-the-game. The developer of the battle royale title, Epic Games, has announced that Fortnite will soon function as a creation tool thanks to the launch of a product called Unreal Editor. As its na…


21/03/2023, 10:04:57 pm

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12 of the Best Best Cheap Cryptos to Buy Now – Low Price, High Potential

Every investor knows that finding the lowest-price crypto coins from a value perspective is key to delivering massive returns on investment. Finding promising projects can be easier said than done, and so it’s worth taking the time to understand which project…

21/03/2023, 5:51:49 pm

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Cardano Based Snoop Dogg NFTs By Clay Nation Go Live

Rap legend Snoop Dogg and Cardano-based NFT project Clay Nation have unveiled a new NFT collection called “Snoop Dogg, Gin & Juice,” part of “Icons by Clay Nation.” Back in April last year, Snoop Dogg announced his partnership with Clay Nation, a marketplace …


21/03/2023, 3:50:08 pm

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Web3 a hot topic at SXSW despite bear market and declining interest in NFTs

Web3 was a major theme at SXSW 2023, yet previous hype around NFTs and building during a bear market may be contributing factors to Web3 adoption.


21/03/2023, 1:01:00 pm

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The 13 Best Gaming Coins to Invest in – 2023

Crypto gaming coins are some of the most sought-after investment opportunities in Web3, and for good reason. The GameFi sector is a fast-growing industry that has the potential to revolutionize traditional gaming forever. For anyone seeking the best gaming to…

20/03/2023, 4:44:41 pm

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Why Bitcoin, Solana, and The Sandbox Surged Over the Weekend

Concerns around the global banking sector appear to be driving investors toward cryptocurrencies right now.

Motley Fool

20/03/2023, 1:24:59 pm

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5 Underperforming Cryptocurrencies And Their Rallying Alternatives!

Are you a crypto trader who hasn’t had a good year recently? It’s been a nightmare for most investors, but those who kept calm and held their assets might have... The post 5 Underperforming Cryptocurrencies And Their Rallying Alternatives! appeared first on T…

20/03/2023, 2:24:57 am

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Analyzing weekly performance of Decentraland [MANA], and SAND

MANA and SAND recorded double-digit price rallies in the last week. MANA currently exhibits a CMF/price divergence that hints at a price drawback. Following last weekend’s market-wide decline in price for several crypto assets, leading metaverse tokens Decent…

19/03/2023, 8:30:39 pm

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5 Innovative NFT Metaverse Projects For 2023

One of the latest exciting development in the blockchain sector has been the emergence of NFT and metaverse projects, attracting substantial backing from large companies and prominent investors. Since then, several crypto projects have fused playable NFTs wit…

18/03/2023, 2:48:17 pm

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Loneliest Pub in the Metaverse: St. Patrick’s Day in The Sandbox

Deep inside metaverse game The Sandbox, a Decrypt reporter spent a solitary St. Patrick’s Day afternoon searching fruitlessly for belonging.


17/03/2023, 11:28:26 pm

news image

OpenAI’s GPT Is Helping Turn Text Into Custom Metaverse Worlds

Web3 metaverse platform Oncyber is adding an AI tool that lets users change up 3D spaces by typing out ideas.


17/03/2023, 9:59:59 pm

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Destiny 2: Lightfall review

After the highs of The Witch Queen, Lightfall doesn't stick the landing.

PC Gamer

17/03/2023, 6:55:31 pm

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Meme coin Shiba Inu is starting its second act—in the metaverse

On Monday at SXSW, hours after Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse jeopardized the future of most tech startups, hundreds of festival-goers filed into a zen escape: a virtual landscape with enchanting forests of bamboo and cherry trees swaying in the wind, and an …

Fast Company

17/03/2023, 6:45:00 pm

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This week in the metaverse: Yuga Labs adds to NFT game, The Sandbox opens a virtual Irish pub, and Silicon Valley Bank spooks Web3 traders

Yuga Labs builds upon Dookey Dash with a new collection, a virtual Irish pub opens in The Sandbox, and Silicon Valley Bank takes a toll on NFT traders.


17/03/2023, 3:46:11 pm

news image

Thousand Faces flying the Web3 flag for women as it heralds the arrival of NFT 2.0

Monty casts an eye over the work of Thousand Faces - an NFT investment club helping female entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses. The post Thousand Faces flying the Web3 flag for women as it heralds the arrival of NFT 2.0 appeared first on CityAM.

City A.M.

17/03/2023, 2:09:48 pm

news image

The Irish Shebeen: St Patrick’s Day to The Sandbox

In the vast stream of consciousness, no destination, physical or virtual, is complete without the presence on an Irish Pub. Now, as the calendar once again flips over to March 17, revelers in The Sandbox can enjoy this year’s St Patrick’s day in The Irish She…

17/03/2023, 6:52:08 am

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Destiny 2 Lightfall review: A return to mediocrity

The highly anticipated Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion is finally here, but it doesn't live up to expectations. Here's our full review.

Windows Central

16/03/2023, 11:33:52 pm

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The Sandbox to Roll Out New Experience With Havas Play

The Sandbox to Roll Out New Experience With Havas Play

16/03/2023, 11:30:18 pm

news image

For Members Only: Meet Us At The Metaverse

Join the fun and attend this exclusive members-only event in the metaverse!


16/03/2023, 7:16:46 pm

news image

The metaverse strikes back

Even the harshest critics cannot deny the exponential growth opportunity for Metaverse tokens.


16/03/2023, 1:15:00 pm

news image


INX Now Supports Polygon on its Regulated INX.One ATS for Secondary Listings NEW YORK and TORONTO, March. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The INX Digital Company, Inc. (NEO: INXD, INXATS: INX, OTCQB: INXDF) ("INX"), a broker-dealer and inter-dealer broker, has annou…


16/03/2023, 1:13:00 pm

news image

The Top 9 Metaverse And Web3 Consulting Firms

Discover the leading Metaverse consulting firms in this comprehensive guide. From virtual worlds to decentralized finance, these firms provide strategic guidance and technical expertise to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of the Metaverse.


16/03/2023, 7:25:17 am

news image

CHARLES & KEITH Enters the Metaverse Via The Sandbox

High end ladies fashion brand, CHARLES & KEITH, has entered the Metaverse after teaming up with The Sandbox. Dubbed the CHARLESKEITHHAUS, the digital universe will allow visitors to engage in various quests and even participate in a K-Pop concert performance …

15/03/2023, 8:04:10 pm

news image

Are Shiba Inu and Paramount Setting Out on Metaverse Adventures?

Are Shiba Inu and Paramount Setting Out on Metaverse Adventures?

15/03/2023, 7:30:18 pm

news image

Brands Must Reimagine Digital Experiences And Product Innovation For An Emerging Metaverse; Insights Should Also Be Applied To Today’s Digital And Physical Experiences

The business case for the metaverse is taking shape. But virtual worlds represent a more immediate opportunity to learn how to connect with Generation-Y, Generation-Z, and Generation-Alpha. These insights will help you adapt for the next web while improving C…


15/03/2023, 6:12:16 pm

news image

VC-Backed NFT Social Platform Metalink Launches Mobile App

Backed by notable Web3 figures like Guy Oseary, Gary Vaynerchuck and Moonpay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright, Metalink aims to be the first mobile platform where NFT collectors can talk, track and transact.


15/03/2023, 2:00:00 pm

news image

I Almost Gave Up on the Metaverse. Here's Why I Still Have Faith in Its Future

This Fool almost gave up on digital real estate, but here's what stopped her.

Motley Fool

15/03/2023, 11:10:00 am

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antivirus software (antivirus program)

Antivirus software (antivirus program) is a security program designed to prevent, detect, search and remove viruses and other types of malware from computers, networks and other devices.

15/03/2023, 9:00:00 am

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Can Meta Survive as Metaverse Shifts Away From VR Headsets?

A survey of 550 global businesses and technology executives reveals that investment in metaverse objectives will grow, with a small pack of early adopters pulling away from the rest. Will Meta get left behind in this race? While most global business leaders a…

15/03/2023, 2:58:08 am

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MQDC unveils Cloud 11 as Asia’s Largest Hub for Content Creators with “Empowering Creators” Concept

MQDC unveils Cloud 11 as Asia’s Largest Hub for Content Creators with “Empowering Creators” Concept, preparing creators for the global era

Bangkok Post

14/03/2023, 5:05:00 pm

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Metaverse, Web 3.0 and NFTs: What marketers need to know

While often bundled together, NFTs, the metaverse and Web 3.0 aren't the same things. Here's how to view them from a marketing lens. The post Metaverse, Web 3.0 and NFTs: What marketers need to know appeared first on MarTech.

14/03/2023, 1:55:23 pm

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