5 questions for Adam Thierer

5 questions for Adam ThiererCredit: Politico


16 days ago

Since then, Adam has been hard at work tracking the rapidly growing thicket of legislative proposals around AI, including pulling double duty yesterday on a Brookings Institution panel about “frontier AI regulation” featuring U.

Trained AI Editor

1. What motivates Adam Thierer in his work on technology policy? Answer: Adam Thierer is motivated by his belief that a free and open technology-driven marketplace of ideas is essential for a healthy society. He believes that allowing individuals to freely express themselves and to engage with others in an unfettered way is essential to promote innovation and economic growth. As such, Thierer has devoted much of his career to advocating for the protection of online freedom and the mitigation of potential harms posed by the unregulated use of technology. He has argued for a balanced approach to policymaking that takes into account both the potential benefits and risks of technological advancement. 2. What are some of the key areas of focus for Adam Thierer's work? Answer: Adam Thierer's work focuses on a range of topics, including media and communications, intellectual property, privacy, online safety, and digital economy issues. He has written extensively on how to foster an environment of innovation and creativity by protecting the freedoms of expression and association on the internet. Thierer has also examined the potential harms of over-regulation, arguing that excessive government intervention into the online realm can stifle innovation and reduce access to information. He is also an

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Frequently asked questions

What inspired you to become a technology policy expert?

Growing up, I was fascinated by the power of technology to transform people’s lives and I wanted to help shape the policy decisions governing our digital world

What do you think are the most important policy issues facing the tech industry today?

The most pressing issues are those related to the online privacy and security of consumers, the digital economy, artificial intelligence, and net neutrality

How do you think governments should approach regulating the tech industry?

Governments should be mindful of the need to balance innovation with consumer protection

What advice would you give to young people interested in pursuing a career in technology policy?

I would advise them to stay up to date on the latest policy developments, engage with stakeholders in the industry, and learn how to effectively communicate and advocate for their positions.

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