This is what plutocracy looks like

This is what plutocracy looks likeCredit: New Statesman

New Statesman

21 days ago

By Quinn Slobodian In 1958, the British sociologist Michael Young published what would become a celebrated dystopian novel – and a novel dystopia – with an enduring coinage in its title: The Rise of the Meritocracy,

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According to a recent report, the United States has become an increasingly plutocratic society, where the wealthy and powerful have a disproportionate amount of influence over economic and political decisions. This has resulted in an economy that is more unequal than ever before, with the top 1% of earners capturing a larger share of the total income than ever before. This has led to a growing sense of discontent and frustration among the majority of Americans, who feel that their voices are being ignored and that the rules of the game are unfair and stacked against them.

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