DBS's Sanjoy Sen explores digital currency, future M&A opportunities

DBS's Sanjoy Sen explores digital currency, future M&A opportunitiesCredit: Asian Banking & Finance on MSN.com

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10 days ago

Sen also discussed DBS’ recent integration of Citi Taiwan’s assets in just one weekend. DBS is open for both the impending entrance of digital currencies and other further M&A opportunities following its Citi Taiwan integration,

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Sanjoy Sen, the Managing Director and Head of M&A for DBS, recently discussed how digital currency could potentially revolutionize the financial sector. He noted that digital currency can enable faster and more secure transactions, and that it has the potential to reduce costs and open up new opportunities for M&A. Further, Sen suggested that digital currency could be used to facilitate cross-border payments, helping to open up new markets and provide more options for businesses looking to expand their operations. Ultimately, he believes that digital currency could bring significant benefits to the financial services industry and could be a major driver of future M&A activity.

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Frequently asked questions

What is digital currency?

Digital currency is a type of money that is exchanged electronically and stored in digital wallets, such as on computers, smartphones, or other digital devices.

What is Sanjoy Sen's role in exploring digital currency?

Sanjoy Sen is a managing director with DBS, a leading global banking and financial services group, and he is responsible for exploring digital currency and its potential applications in the banking and finance sector.

What are some of the potential M&A opportunities related to digital currency?

Potential opportunities related to digital currency include acquiring companies that are experts in digital currency technology or developing products and services related to digital currency.

How can digital currency be used to improve financial services?

Digital currency can be used to improve financial services by providing more secure, efficient, and cost-effective payment solutions. It can also reduce transaction fees and enable faster, more seamless transfers of funds.

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