Chinese officials issue warning about AI and national security

Chinese officials issue warning about AI and national securityCredit: CoinTelegraph


4 months ago

Officials in China have warned about the risks posed by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) development and subsequently called for tighter measures on national security.

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Chinese officials are increasingly warning about the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential threat to national security. According to China's Ministry of National Defense, the development of AI technology could lead to a new arms race and destabilize global peace. The ministry has stated that countries must work together to develop ethical guidelines and international regulations for the use of AI technology. In addition, they noted that AI could be used to manipulate public opinion, control public opinion, and even disrupt social stability. The Chinese government has also called for a more comprehensive approach to address the challenges of AI, including its potential implications for national security. In order to ensure the safe and responsible use of AI, the government will continue to strengthen its oversight and control of AI’s development and application.

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