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BirdezKingdom is the FIRST hand drawn Metaverse - consisting of unique lands and art - where users can build, play and learn - everyone is welcome (whilst hodling a piece of true art).
Important: This is a collection of 6333 Lands. 5000 have been minted in first 10 hours of our launch. The remaining 1333 have been reserved for the Genesis Birdez to be claimed for free next month. Birdez Gang Genesis
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What is Birdez Kingdom?

Birdez Kingdom is an NFT collection. Birdez Kingdom floor price today is 0.0170 ETH, with a 24 hour volume of 0.0200 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 5000 NFTs minted, held by 1474 unique owners, and has a total market cap of 100.0000 ETH.

Where to buy Birdez Kingdom NFT?

You can buy and sell Birdez Kingdom on LooksRare and OpenSea.

How many Birdez Kingdom NFTs are there?

There is a total of 5000 unique NFTs in the Birdez Kingdom collection.

How many holders are collecting the Birdez Kingdom NFT?

There is a total 1474 unique addresses that are holding the Birdez Kingdom NFT.

Birdez Kingdom Statistics

Floor Price 24H


Floor Price 7D


Average Price 24H

0.02 ETH

Average Price 7D

0.02 ETH

Volume 24H

0.02 ETH

Volume 7D

0.02 ETH

Sales 24H


Sales 7D