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Beyond Earth Online (BEO) is a LIVE fully immersive Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) and a Metaverse social world powered by NFT technology.
Land plots will be available in small, medium, and large sizes. Players will be able to build their own dream metaverse home (without external help from a third-party). Store your weapons, park your cars, invite friends over, host team meetings, raid other homes, or rent out your building, with hundreds of building items to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

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What is Beyond Earth Land?

Beyond Earth Land is an NFT collection. Beyond Earth Land floor price today is 0.0170 ETH, with a 24 hour volume of No ETH. As of today, there is a total of 4998 NFTs minted, held by 1554 unique owners, and has a total market cap of 94.4622 ETH.

Where to buy Beyond Earth Land NFT?

You can buy and sell Beyond Earth Land on LooksRare and OpenSea.

How many Beyond Earth Land NFTs are there?

There is a total of 4998 unique NFTs in the Beyond Earth Land collection.

How many holders are collecting the Beyond Earth Land NFT?

There is a total 1554 unique addresses that are holding the Beyond Earth Land NFT.

Beyond Earth Land Statistics

Floor Price 24H


Floor Price 7D


Average Price 24H

0.02 ETH

Average Price 7D

0.02 ETH

Volume 24H

0.00 ETH

Volume 7D

0.02 ETH

Sales 24H


Sales 7D