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Troverse Planets — the collection of 10,000 giant procedurally-generated Planets spread across the Galaxy 💎 ⚠ Owner count may not be accurate on OpenSea due to the Staking feature launched on August 23 ⚠ The game allows the Planet owners to receive a portion of resources gathered and service fees paid by other players through their exclusive headquarters deployed on their planets. [Troverse Dashboard & Staking Feature]( [Troverse Official Website]( Troverse is an ever-rewarding galactic Metaverse of Play-and-Earn gaming where players Own, Explore, Collect, Trade, Compete and Earn in a massive open-world treasure hunting game, set in a galaxy of 10,000 planets, powered by Unreal Engine. [Watch the trailer!]( Follow us on: [Discord]( | [Twitter](

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