SquishiLand Events SOON

**OWNER COUNT INACCURATE DUE TO STAKING** SquishiLand plots are the genesis land plots which will be utilised in the [Squishiverse's](https://www.squishiverse.com) interoperable metaverse. Each plot is completely customisable by the holder, and the build configuration is represented on all secondary markets. Want to build a shop, house, hotel or museum? The choice is all yours. The possibilities are endless with SquishiLand… [Website](https://www.squishiverse.com) | [Discord](https://www.discord.gg/squishiverse) | [Twitter](https://www.twitter.com/squishiverse) | [Squishiverse Items](https://opensea.io/collection/squishiverse-items) | [Staked SquishiLand](https://opensea.io/collection/staked-squishiland)