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SIDUS HEROES NFTs are a collection of NFT cards and in-game items that can be used to gain access to the SIDUS HEROES metaverse. The collection features: - **SIDUS ACADEMY NFTs that come in 3 levels of rarity - Common, Epic and Legendary. Each rarity level unlocks certain features for its holder and improves the efficiency of the gameplay. - **SIDUS GENESIS NFTs are generated by staking NFT Heroes from SIDUS NFT HEROES (ORIGINAL COLLECTION). SIDUS GENESIS NFTs are also used to access the gaming metaverse. SIDUS GENESIS cards have 3 rarity levels - Common, Epic and Legendary and correspond with the NFTs from the old collection. In addition, the collection includes various in-game items that are used for upgrading Heroes, weapons and ammunition or to unlock certain features or missions.

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