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VIDEO: Partyland is the most innovative and advance Metaverse project Designed for Gambling, Fun, Business and Gaming Industry. In PartyLand Metaverse you will have the ability Manage your Social life, Meet Friends, Date, watch a Good Show, Gamble, and Live your life on PartyLand Metaverse. Buy Lands & Coins THE LANDS: {Green (Top Layer) || Blue (2nd Layer) || Yellow (3rd Layer) || Grey (4th Layer) || Orange (5th Layer)} The metaverse of party land will contain 160,000 lands with the ticker PLD and it will be a metaverse for gaming, gambling and daily fun and time spent on the metaverse. The mission is that the Pala Coin with the ticker PALA will be used as the payment method on the metaverse when users surf and enjoy the metaverse and when they gamble on Pala casinos and game centers that will be located inside the metaverse.