MMAI PureWorld Key To The City Events SOON

PureWorld (PW) - Bringing real-world business to the virtual world. PureWorld is made for socializing, entertainment, gaming but it’s major focus is on bringing business to the virtual world. Our metaverse, based on MMAIs proprietary tech, allows you to invest in virtual assets to collaboratively create unique areas for engagement with your audience. Our platform is developed in 5 categories; enabling, content, human-centered, utility, and application platforms. This is a virtual representation of the natural world, so it will include the same features, including meta-humans, meta-places, service providers, business organizations, applications, social networks, and much more. Invest in us and we will be your technology partner focused on building an ecosystem that is aimed at eCommerce and real-world business to provide a turn-key solution to engage in web3. Consumer behavior has largely shifted towards adopting digital personas, and this is your opportunity to engage them.