MetamonGo World Events SOON

Minting on only. Catch and battle wherever you are in the Metaverse with Friends and your buddy Metamon. Stake in the Smart Contract & Play-to-Earn. All the metadata and images are generated and stored 100% on-chain. On the NFT plots of lands purchased, players can choose to build gyms on their lands, where they can organize Metamon battles and tournaments. To compete in these tournaments, players will have to pay an entrance fee (in Ethereum) which will be determined by the gym owners. This is a way for players who are gym owners to earn a lot of money, which is 20% of the cumulative money. Winners of the tournament will also receive earnings which will be as follows: 40% for 1st position, 20% for 2nd position, 10% for 3rd position, 6% for 4th position, and 4% for 5th position.