LeapN Worlds: Founders Deed World Events SOON

LeapN a metaverse of your own making. Create your very own LeapN World with social, gaming, and commerce mechanics. Tie in NFTs as playable objects, passes for granting access, and more. Expand Your Metaverse: Royal VIP (w/ NEW Shop Pod): https://opensea.io/collection/leapn-royal-vip Founders Deed Worlds: https://opensea.io/collection/leapn-founders-deed-world Alpha Next Gen Plots: https://opensea.io/collection/next-gen-alpha GoldN VIP (w/ Next Gen Plot): https://opensea.io/collection/leapn-vip-badges JumpN Jetpacks (playable in LeapN): https://opensea.io/collection/jumpn-jetpacks