Jadu Hoverboard Events SOON

Hoverboards for your Web3 avatar to cruise in AR. Find your favorite style in this richly varied collection featuring hoverboards designed for speed, jumps, multiple riders and more. [Get access to the beta app.](https://jadu.ar/fight) Hoverboard ownership provides you with the ability to apply for grant proposals from a [1M+ community grant program](https://jadu.ar/act), if you own a Jadu AVA or Jadu Jetpack. Signature Series: Grimes • Lewis Hamilton • Snoop Dogg • Mimi • Trippy With $44M raised to date, Jadu is a team of designers, technologists and creatives building an ever-evolving AR game world. 1st Collection: [Jadu Jetpacks](https://opensea.io/collection/jadu-jetpack), designed for your avatar to cruise in AR. 3rd Collection: [Jadu AVAs](https://opensea.io/collection/jadu-ava), AR-ready avatars designed in collaboration with legendary film director-producer Michael Bay