Fyat Lux (Dawn Collection) Events SOON

FYAT LUX [ fē-ˌät-ˈlu̇ks ] : an epic saga that spans the digital and physical worlds. Set thousands of years after an event called the Flux stopped all technology from working, rare people called Sparks are born with the ability to turn on ancient technology from humanity's golden age. The Fyat Lux Dawn collection consists of 8080 Sparks from the Fyat Lux universe. Each NFT is a metaverse-ready 3D avatar masterpiece, generated from 200 meticulously crafted traits. Each NFT is tethered to a unique "phygital" smart card that allows the holder to view the Spark in AR. Designed to be beautiful in 2D and 3D, available both physically and digitally, these NFTs transcend dimensions and realities.