Arcona Digital Land Events SOON

Arcona is the global augmented reality ecosystem is based on its own unique technological platform, which automatically generates a a global layer of augmented reality everywhere across the globe. In fact, it is a virtual mold of the planet’s surface, each meter of which is perfectly tied to a specific location in the physical world. The entire global Digital Land layer is divided into separate sections – hexagonal plots of 100 square meters. The coordinates of each plot are designated and set in a decentralized database of the Arcona and listed in the smart contract as nonfungible token Arcona Digital Land ( ARDL) by ETH 721 standart. It is a plot of Digital Land fully prepared for interactive content remote placement in real world. That is how, being in New York, you can easily get a parcel of land in the Central square of Mexico city and run an interactive show there, literally from the comfort sofa of your home.